Meet Lorraine Kamesha

Lorraine is the strategist that ALL service-based business owners need when they desire to scale their businesses and make more money while having the freedom to enjoy life.

Her zone of genius Is teaching business owners how to replace themselves in their business so that they can bust through revenue ceilings and eliminate entrepreneur burn out. She has a reputation for helping her clients secure the bag by working smarter and not harder.

When Lorraine isn’t helping her twin daughters with their homework, traveling around the world, or focused on her health and fitness goals, she is helping her clients structure their business so that they can scale their revenue in half the time and reach true financial freedom.

Meet Lorraine

2 Reasons Why Solopreneurship Just Ain’t Cutting It

So, you started a business hoping to have more free-time, pay off debt, and to stop the cycle of living just above broke. 

But now you feel like you are being held hostage by your business because you are stuck being its best employee. You can’t remember the last time you took a day off to travel, spend time with your kids, or even get a good night’s rest.

What would your life be like if you could slash the time you spend working in your business by 50%?

I’ll tell you what my life looks like…

My name is Lorraine, I am 34 years old, and I run multiple 6 Figure Businesses.

I’m a single mother of twin daughters who like to shop, stamp their passports, and participate in after school activities like gymnastics, dance, and drama club.

 In most ways, I am a typical working mom. Just like any working mother, I have tons to do at home for my kids AND in my business with little time to get it done. However, despite having limited time, the bills still come every month, I like to travel, and my girls have expensive taste.


If, by now, you are wondering how do I make it all happen at home while making the kind of money I need in my business to travel the world and maintain our lifestyle… The answer is…

Outsourcing. Automation. Time Management Systems.

Let me explain.

Back in the summer of 2013 when I started my business, I couldn’t afford to go past my living room couch. I was scrounging for clients and could barely rub two nickels together. I was desperately trying to make enough money to stay in school for the Fall semester as I couldn’t work while completing my Pharmacy degree.

I also had twin 2-year olds to support.

Within a few weeks, I wasn’t broke anymore. I was consistently making $1K week. However, I was a working fool. I literally spent all day on the couch with my laptop working my life away. Although, the money was good, I was burning myself out.

$1K a week was pretty good money starting out. But what happens when I want to make $2K a week or $4K a week? What about $10K a week? How much work could I realistically take on by myself?

As the amount of clients I had increased, the work piled up and I was becoming more and more stressed trying to service my clients, send out invoices, and reaching out to potential clients.

I’d hit a brick wall AND a glass ceiling.

Here’s why:

#1 The Brick Wall

I was making $1K a week, but I was spending all of my time working and had little time to do anything else. Throw in shuttling my kids back and forth to school, running my household, and a busy afterschool schedule and I was BURNT OUT! In order to make more money, I had to figure out how to duplicate myself so that I could get more done.

#2 The Glass Ceiling

Making $1K a week was literally keeping me chained to my laptop day and night. As a busy working mom, how would I ever increase my income if I was working with a limited amount of time and already burnt out as it was?

Up Arrow on emojidex   Does any of this sound familiar to you?Up Arrow on emojidex

How Do I Know That Your Method Works?

Simple. I’m living it!

I have fired myself from being my own best employee and instead have structured my business in way that frees up my time, makes work easier, and allows for maximum GROWTH. 

And that’s facts!


Here are 3 more facts that you must understand BEFORE you can fire yourself from your business:

You can NOT build a scalable service-based business by spending the bulk of your time working IN your business.

It’s just not possible. 

Time = Money and time is a limited resource. 

As your time decreases, your money will also decrease…IF YOU ARE NOT OUTSOURCING.

Burnout is real.

You’ll never live your best life when you become an in-demand expert in your niche if you don’t learn to use automation and outsourcing as a tool in your business.


Outsourcing is a skill that must be mastered if you want to scale your business and it takes time and experience to sharpen this skill.

And to be honest there are a lot of moving parts. However, the payoff is big in terms of money and time.

It’s the ONE thing that stands between you and service-based business that you can scale to unlimited earning potential.

What You Can Expect From Me


I give actionable, practical and tailored advice that will help you reach your revenue goals while still having the time to do the things you enjoy without feeling “solo and tired.”


Look, there’s isn’t a magic formula for success. You just need to work hard and have a plan. 

However, there IS a magic formula for managing a successful business while taking care of kids, managing a full-time job, traveling, etc.


I am presenting you with the opportunity to work with me so that I can show you how to scale your revenue FASTER and with less burnout. 


I am looking to work with business owners who are desperate to take back their time and energy and live the life that they always dreamed that owning their own business would afford them.

Here’s What I Will Help You With

How would you like to make money while you sleep?

My specialty is teaching business owners how to stop chasing jobs and ATTRACT their ideal clients so that they can consistently and systematically reel in the clients that pay top dollar for their services.

In other words, I help you learn how to get paid.

Once you are able to attract a flood of your ideal clients, I will teach you how to replicate and then duplicate yourself using outsourcing and automations so that you can fire yourself from all the busy work and concentrate on doing the things you love + the things that help you get paid in your sleep.

Then you can stop being an employee in your business and start making dough even when you aren’t there!

So, What’s Next, Lorraine?

What comes next is your opportunity to reclaim your time and your life back.

I know when you started your business, you never envisioned that it would cause this much stress and anxiety. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Consider applying to my coaching program and if we’re a good fit, I will give you all of the pieces of the puzzle you need to reconstruct your business so that you can free up your time while making more money. 

There will be no guessing games.

Let’s get these sleep coins!